Continuing Educational Courses

Basic Pharmacology Review for Healthcare Professionals

The purpose of this course is to provide health care professionals; LPN, RN, ARNP, Therapists, students, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Home Health Aids (HHA), and other individuals with the opportunity to review Pharmacology; the medication pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics; absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination. Review of the therapeutic value and/or the potential toxicity of chemical agents on biological systems.

Medical Math & Calculations for Healthcare Professionals

The purpose of this course is to review mathematics and medication calculations. Great
refresher for those who want to practice and strengthen math & medication calculation skills.
Medical Math & Calculations includes practice sessions and workshops to build confidence.

Respiratory Care: Tracheostomy Care for Infants, Children, and Adults

3D illustration of Lungs – Part of Human Organic.

Purpose of this course is to review respiratory care procedures; maintenance of the patient’s airway, oxygen delivery and management, oxygen flow rates, equipment, application of a nasal cannula, face mask application, nebulizer treatment, nasal and oral suctioning, artificial airway suctioning, performing tracheostomy care for Infants, children, and the Adults, performing endotracheal tube care, changing inner cannula, tracheostomy collar/ties and more.

IV Therapy

Participants will receive a preparation packet and pre-tests to complete prior to the classroom segments.
There are 14 hours of pre-course work total.
The classroom sections will review the mandatory information required by the board of nursing.
The skills labs will allow the participants to practice choosing and preparing fluids, locating veins, preparing IV sites, and inserting catheters.
Students will also review recognizing complications, as well as evaluating and dressing various types of access devices.
Florida requires clinical competence verification by the employing institution following this course.
This is accomplished by documentation from a licensed RN validating successful skills demonstration.

Wound Care Management Certification for Healthcare Professionals

The purpose of the wound care management course is to educate and reinforce the knowledge of nurses; APRN, RN, LPN, Graduate Nurses, Medical Assistants, and other individuals who are working in the health care environment. The purpose of this course is to provide the healthcare worker/ professionals, with an understanding of how to assess wounds, provide wound care, irrigate wounds, review aspects of pressure Injury/ ulcer care; various types of wounds, using wound drainage systems, various types of dressings, and changing dressings.

Gastrostomy / Nasogastric Care & Management for the Healthcare Professional

The purpose of this course is designed to give the reader/learner an increased understanding of administration of medication by NGT including procedure, supplies, and complications, and to aid in caring for the patient with an NGT. Administration of medications by nasogastric tube (NGT) involves enteral delivery of pharmaceutical agents to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract by means of a tube that is inserted through the nose. G-Tube care includes preparing for patients, providing tube (enteral) feedings, inserting nasogastric tube, removing feeding tube. Reviews a step-by-step procedure for performing nasogastric tube insertion and placement verification.

PICC-Midline Nursing Considerations & Management for Healthcare Professionals

The PICC-Midline Nursing Considerations & Management course will define the term Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) and differentiate between a PICC vascular access device and a peripheral midline. Proper nursing management of a PICC will be reviewed including, but not limited to proper aseptic technique for access; infusion medications and dressing changes; site assessment; proper flushing techniques to prevent catheter occlusions; signs and symptoms of post insertion complications, as well as interventions related to post insertion complications.

RN/LPN “Hands-On” Clinical Skills Refresher Course for Healthcare Professionals

This Clinical Skills and “Hands On” Nurse Refresher class is offered to nurses who have not practiced nursing for an extended period of time or have been working in a field of nursing where they didn’t utilize their “hands-on clinical skills”. The goal of this class is to update nurses; knowledge and skill base, with a strong emphasis on clinical nursing procedures and good bed side sterile technique. This one full day seminar will help increase the skills and confidence of RN’s and LPN’s as they return to the clinical setting.  Seminars are kept small (10-15) students at a time, so that the instructor can answer questions and address special requests.  Our RN instructors are highly experienced and supportive.

Supervisory post-basic course for LPNs in Nursing Home Facilities

The purpose of this course is to provide the licensed practical nurse (LPN) with a Board approved licensed practical nurse supervisory education course prior to accepting any supervisory position in the nursing home facilities.

Florida Medication Administration Tech Certification Course

When Florida residents need supervision to manage their own medications in an Assisted Living Facility (ALFs) and/or Home care setting, they rely on Med Techs to assist them. The Med Tech certification course provides students with training regarding assistance with self-administration of medications in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) or Home care setting . Designed for unlicensed students to assist patients in Home Care and Assisted Living settings with self administration of medications. Students will learn proper handling techniques and be proficient in reading prescription labels. Our Med Tech course will also teach you how to assist with medications in Assisted Living Facilities, Home Care, Drug Treatment, and Skilled Nursing Facilities.